CALL CENTER: +48 86 222 34 88


Who should I contact for help?
If you have any questions or problems related to the system or bike, please contact our hotline at +48 14 684 81 00

We wish you a pleasant and safe use of Romet Rental Systems

1. What to do to be able to ride a bike?
complete the registration form in the REGISTRATION tab
check your e-mail and click the activation link received in the e-mail (check also the SPAM folder - there sometimes "fall" our e-mails)
top up your account in the system with at least PLN 29 (initial payment) If you want to ride a bike longer without worrying that you will run out of funds for subsequent loans, top up your account with PLN 29
download the Romet Rental Rower app from Google Play or the App Store
head to the nearest Romet Rental station

2. What is the minimum amount required to rent a bike?
The minimum amount on the User's account is PLN 29. If the balance is lower - it will not be possible to rent. We suggest maintaining a balance of around PLN 29-35 so that you can use your bike without worrying about time even during long journeys without the need to recharge your account often. If you want to rent 2 bicycles on your account should be at least PLN 58

3. What is the phone number and PIN for, and login and password for?

The telephone number and PIN are used to rent a bike in the station and log in to the mobile application
Login and password are used to log into the user panel

4. What does the 6-digit bike number mean?
The number of each bicycle in the Romet Rental system consists of 6 digits - eg 011111
01 is the Slupsk prefix. When renting a bicycle, always enter the exact number

5. Is it possible to register without access to the Internet?
Yes. You can also register in the totem of the Romet Rental station. It is also possible to top up your account using the payment terminal by credit card

6. Where are the Romet Rental stations located in Slupsk?
There are 20 stations in Slupsk. You can see individual locations on the map on the home page or in the mobile application

7. When can I use the Romet Rental System?
Bicycles in Slupsk are available 24 hours a day during the cycling season - from April 28 to December 31, 2019

We suggest that you do not exceed the maximum statutory rental time - 12 hours

8.Can I rent more than one bike at the same time?
You can rent up to 4 bikes provided you have sufficient funds on your account in the system:
- 1 bike - PLN 29
- 2 bikes - 58 PLN
- 3 bikes - PLN 87
- 4 bicycles - PLN 116